Experienced and Accredited Auditing Professionals

Work Health and Safety Auditing is the process of evaluating a safety system or process. Many organisations require a Work Health and Safety Audit when they are tendering for work or as a measure of best practice of their business against Work Health and Safety standards.
Experienced and accredited JBA personnel undertake Client Workplace Audits to determine if your workplace systems and specific operations and practices are meeting legislative requirements. The outcome of the Audit is then analysed to discover what areas are operating well and complying with legislation and what areas require improvement. Recommendations on how to address areas of concern and guidance on improvement measures are included in all Audit Reports.
Jacqui Baker and Associates personnel are qualified to engage in a number of Auditing practices, ranging from comprehensive WHS Systems Audits, Food Safety Audits through to Workplace (Environmental) Audits.

Types of Audits Jacqui Baker and Associates can conduct:

  • Certification Audits; (AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification)
  • Second Party Audits; (e.g. Contractor Audits)
  • Gap analysis;
  • Desktop Audits; and
  • Legislative Compliance Audits.

JBA can also assist in preparing you for a Third Party Audit if the Auditing is being performed by another company.

For more information please call Jacqui on 0411 727 139 or email and we will call you to discuss.