Jacqui Baker and Associates accredited staff can develop and deliver individualised training programs. Our training courses are developed to maximise participation, ensure compliance, improve awareness for the management of Work Health and Safety legislation and enhance the safety culture at your workplace.

Training programs are available for a number of various topics that will be tailored to suit the requirements of your business.

Some of the topics JBA undertake include but are not limited to:

  • Implementation and Use of a Safety Management System;
  • WH&S Inductions;
  • Emergency Control Organisation (ECO);
  • First Response Training;
  • Risk Management Programs;
  • Chemical Management including the introduction of the Globally Harmonised System (GHS);
  • Hazardous Manual Tasks; and
  • Fatigue Management.


The benefits of training your Workers include the following:

  • Implementation and Use of a Safety Management System;
  • Compliance with WHS legislation;
  • Decreases risk of injury or illness in the workplace;
  • Allows understanding of Worker and Management responsibility regarding their roles in safety in the workplace;
  • Increase in productivity and superior work procedures; and
  • Workers acquire new skills, in turn increasing their contribution to the business.

All training programs are generally accompanied by Worker handbooks and other topic specific information where required, we will also supply a course attendance record and certificate of attendance.
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