Work Health and Safety Management

A Work Health and Safety Management System is the framework used to implement and manage safety objectives at the workplace. It is important that the system is used and maintained at all levels within the business.

The key objectives of a Safety Management System are:

  • To ensure legal and moral compliance with Work Health and Safety legislation;
  • To be practical in its application in the workplace;
  • To be simple to understand in its presentation, to encourage continuous improvement; and
  • Is tailored to manage the elimination and / or minimisation of all work-related risks.


Work Health and Safety Management System solutions include:

  • On-site Audits and Audit Reports with recommendations for areas of non-compliance;
  • Gap Analysis Reports;
  • Process Improvement Recommendations;
  • Tailored System Implementation
  • Development of Policy and Procedures Manuals;
  • Development of topic specific Policy and Procedures; and
  • Worker Handbooks and Training.

The Safety Management System will depend on the size and needs of the organisation and what other systems that may already be in place. Additional specific WHS knowledge and instruction may be required depending on the nature of the business and keeping in line with explicit legislation obligations and requirements. The system should be reviewed annually, to ensure that it remains current and relevant to the health and safety risks associated with the business.

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