Fire Safety Management

Both building owners and tenants are responsible for the safety of people who are working in or visiting their buildings. Jacqui Baker and Associates provide a number of Fire Safety Management options for organisations of all shapes and sizes. With qualified Fire Safety Advisers (FSAs) as part of our team, they have the skills and knowledge to advise on appropriate emergency planning and all other aspects of Fire Safety.

JBA’s Fire Safety services include:


ECO Training

The Emergency Control Organisation session is for a selected group of fire safety management personnel who will fulfil the fire warden responsibilities in the event of an emergency. This mandatory training will be tailored to your workplace and specific hazards that your workers may face. It focuses on how to carry out specific duties in case of an emergency including different types of emergencies, the use of fire protection equipment and site familiarisation.

First Response Training

The First Response Training program must be delivered to all workers and outlines the initial responses workers are to take in the event of any workplace emergency. This training program is written in line with the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 and provides Workers with skills and knowledge to respond to emergency situations.

Practical Fire Extinguisher Training

This mandatory training can be coordinated by JBA, who have developed an excellent working relationship with the Fire and Emergency Authorities in all states, allowing the coordination of training that meet our clients’ specific needs and legislated requirements.

Emergency Evacuation Drill

Emergency Evacuation Drills are mandatory, and must occur on an annual basis. These drills can be incorporated into any of the above three training sessions. Workers will be advised of the alert and evacuation signals and relevant procedures, exit routes and assembly area.

Fire Safety Audits

The benefit of fire safety audits is to determine the level of compliance with current regulations.

  • On site Audits and Audit Reports with recommendations for areas of non-compliance
  • Emergency Diagrammatics
  • Emergency Plans

To talk to a qualified Fire Safety Adviser call Jacqui on 0411 727 139 or please click here