Work Health and Safety Document Kits


Work Health and Safety Document Kits

It is your duty as an employer to provide your employees with a safe and healthy work environment. Many small to medium businesses are not fully aware of the WHS requirements under the legislation and don’t have such a system in place. Jacqui Baker and Associates can offer a ‘simple to apply’ documentation system that complies with the Work Health and Safety legislation to assist you and your business in fulfilling your duties and obligations.

Basic Kit Contents

 WHS Policies including essential topics such as:

  • Statutory Obligations / Duties
  • Requirements for Personnel
  • Risk Management and Legislation
  • Inspection and Auditing
  • Incident Reporting and Investigation
  • Emergency Planning
  • General Workplace Procedures
  • Associated Form templates

We have Kits available to meet the obligations of a range of industries including:

  • Road Transport including Pilots, Maintenance and Tyre Fitting;
  • Construction;
  • Corporate; and
  • Hospitality.

Jacqui Baker and Associates will tailor the Kits to your business by assessing your requirements and providing you with only what you need, whether this is a full Kit, a single policy or just some specialised forms to compliment your existing system.
For a free over the phone assessment or for any information on additional services from Jacqui Baker and Associates, which may compliment the Kit such as Training, Auditing, Tailored Workplace Systems and Procedures etc., please contact the team now!   please click here