Work Health and Safety Queensland Traffic Management Audit Campaign

11th July 2016


Work Health and Safety Queensland Traffic Management Audit Campaign

More than 800 Queensland workplaces will have their traffic management systems audited as part of the Onsite traffic management and pedestrian safety project starting today.
The year-long audit campaign aims to raise awareness of the risks between mobile plant and pedestrians and help workplaces implement effective traffic management strategies.
Workplace Health and Safety Queensland inspectors will be visiting workplaces in the construction, manufacturing, agriculture, transport and logistics industries with mobile plant (e.g. forklifts, elevating work platforms, order pickers, earth-moving equipment and cranes) or other vehicle traffic such as cars and trucks.
In Queensland twelve workers died from being hit or trapped by moving plant or vehicles between 2009 and 2014 and 947 accepted workers' compensation claims for serious injuries (five or more consecutive days off work) were recorded for the same period.

When will WH&S Qld workplace visits take place?

Workplace visits will occur in three phases:

  • Phase one – July to September 2016.
  • Phase two – February to April 2017.
  • Phase three – August to September 2017 (re-visits).


What can my workplace do to prepare?

A range of resources can be used to improve your traffic management strategies and prepare your workplace for an inspector's visit. Contact us now to see how JBA can assist your preparation 0411 727 139.