Injury Management

Injury management is a coordinated process intended to facilitate the recovery of an injured worker and allow them to return to work. It requires the cooperation of Management, Workers and Doctors and any other people involved working together to get the injured Worker back into meaningful work. It involves all activities associated with organising medical treatment, rehabilitation, returning to suitable duties and relationship management.

WorkCover Claims Management

We provide a claims management service from the first incident report through to claims resolution.

Our experienced claims personnel, together with our Claims Management System serves to:

  • Record and maintain a comprehensive database of claims and incidents;
  • Facilitate the management of current claims;
  • Undertake investigations into the causal factors of workplace injuries and illnesses;
  • Provide information pertaining to the effective control of identified causal factors;
  • Provide an analysis of claims costs and causes;
  • Produce regular reports on the status of current claims; and
  • Assist companies to achieve measurable savings in claims cost.


Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator

We support the earliest possible safe return of an injured/ill employee to their pre-injury/illness position.

We apply best practice rehabilitation principles, which include:

  • The provision of rehabilitation by a certified Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator;
  • Providing workplace rehabilitation as soon as practicable following a workplace injury/illness;
  • The development of a rehabilitation plan in consultation with the treating doctor, using a multi-disciplinary team approach with the consideration of reasonable workplace adjustment;
  • The development, facilitation and on-going monitoring of a suitable duties plan with approval from WorkCover and the treating doctor, which is workplace based and time limited;
  • Confidentiality of medical and rehabilitation information; and
  • Compliance with relative Workers’ Compensation legislation.


The proven benefits of Injury Management – Rehabilitation and early return to work include:

  • Worker recovering faster after an injury;
  • Reduced costs of lost productivity;
  • Increase morale by showing that Worker is valued; and
  • Reduced insurance and Worker’s Compensation premiums.

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