Over 30 Years’ of Experience in the area of Work Health and Safety Consulting

Jacqui Baker and Associates (JBA) can offer consulting services for all Work Health and Safety issues.  Some issues may include improving your Safety Management System, Safety Training, Health and Safety Risk Management, Auditing and Safety Compliance or developing a better Safety Culture at your workplace.
JBA consultants, as well as being passionate about Work Health and Safety, are highly skilled and have many years’ experience across a number of industries.  Our consultants understand that not all businesses are the same, our consulting methods are tailored specifically for each individual organisation with a flexible approach, depending on the client’s requirements.  Our consultants will work with you towards achieving a high standard of Safety Compliance and an improved Safety Culture.
Regardless of the industry you work in, the size of your business or what type of Work Health and Safety issues you may have, JBA is your ‘one-stop shop’ capable of providing you with affordable solutions specifically designed to meet your needs and improve the overall level of safety at the workplace.
We are committed to making Australian workplaces safer by providing professional, effective and sustainable consulting services.
For more information please call Jacqui on 0411 727 139 or email and we will call you to discuss.