Risk Management

Having an effective Risk Management plan or process is vital to ensuring Compliance with Work Health and Safety legislation. It involves a commitment from all Workers and involvement and cooperation from all levels of the organisation to work effectively.
Jacqui Baker and Associates offers Risk Management and Compliance solutions using the management process outlined in the WHS Regulation 2011 that specifies Workplace Health and Safety must be managed by:

  1. Identifying hazards
  2. Managing risks
  3. Implementing control measures
  4. Maintaining and reviewing effectiveness of controls

Once the hazards have been identified then JBA can tailor a risk management approach that addresses such hazards to ensure the safety of all Workers. This involves working on controlling the risks of the hazards identified using the hierarchy of controls method. Moving from Eliminating the hazard, Substitution, Isolation, Administrative and Personal Protective Equipment.

Examples of Services offered by Jacqui Baker and Associates to manage risks and ensure Compliance include:

  • Audits and advice to achieve legislative compliance;
  • Risk Assessments;
  • Hazard Reporting Procedures;
  • Safe Operating Procedures;
  • Safe Work Method Statements;
  • Job Safety Analysis; and
  • Training.

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